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Have you broken or lost your Ford car remote fob or key? We are America’s leading car key experts, and we are here to save you time and money on your Ford car key replacement compared to the dealers around. Ford car models made after 1995 come with a metal blade, remote control fob and a transponder chip.

Car key duplication and/or replacements for these models is thus more complex but do not worry because we’ve got your back. When you ring us requiring Ford car key services, our fully trained and highly skilled experts will travel to your place in one of our mobile units and program a car key for your model as you wait!

Get Your Ford Car Key The Hassle Free Way

When you have damaged or lost your car keys, it should not always translate to extra bothers and losing precious time that can be spent with friends and family or to accomplish that project at the workplace. Just call us and we will come to you loaded with the industry’s best tools and technology to give you a new set of your car keys within minutes. Unlike most other car key service providers, we won’t ask to tow your vehicle to our base, and we won’t keep you waiting for 14 working days for your car keys like a main dealer.

Car Key Duplication

We encourage everybody to have an extra spare car key cut as well as programmed. When you have one car key that starts your engine and you only need a spare, let us cut and program the spare key for you. Remember: it is always more cost effective when you have a cloned car key so you are equipped if one of the keys is broken or lost.

Ford Car Key Repair

Some of our customers call us when their car keys have cracked, snapped or they have become too worn out to function correctly. Our technicians are always ready to deliver any Ford car key replacement and repair service wherever you are in the U.S. At times, the transponder chip or remote fob gets desynchronized and requires diagnostic equipment for it to work again.

If this happens to you, do not stress yourself with all the money and time you need to order a new set of car keys from your main dealership. Simply, call us and we will sort you out the easy way.

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