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The ignition switch is located in the steering column of a car and is responsible for the routing of electricity to the cars appliances as well as starting the car. When facing ignition problems, your car is not only a frustration, but a useless frustration. This is because if the car does not start then it is of no use to the owner. Car ignition replacement is a delicate task that should be handled by professionals. However, if you are the kind of person who likes to take on a new challenge, this should be a task for you. All you require is a detailed guide that will walk you through the process. Below is a guide on how to go about it.

DO you Need To Replace Your Ignition Switch?

Removing the steering column and detaching the wires before you commence with the ignition switch replacement, start by disconnecting the battery from the car. Then you will require a set of pliers and a socket wrench. Now you can remove the steering column by unscrewing the screws that hold it in place as well as the fasteners. Once this is done, remove the wiring attached to the ignition switch. Next disconnect the horn wiring and the attached washers. Then remove the wiper and switch of the signal switches. Before removing the ignition switch examine it using a test light. If the switch is not faulty, the test bulb will glow when the key is turned to on. If the test bulb doesn’t glow then, the switch is faulty. Now you can detach the screws and nuts holding the switch to the steering column, and it can now be removed.

Installing the new Ignition switch

seattle ignition replacement locksmithUpon removing the switch, you can insert the new switch in place. First turn off the ignition switch then slots in the key. Depress the retaining pin and free the cylinder. Turn the key to the lock position and remove it. Now make sure all the holes are aligned correctly because if you fail to do so the new switch will not be held in place properly. Now screw the new switch to the steering column and fasten it into position. Always make sure the cylinder and the assembly are in their right positions before reattaching the various wires and screws. However, when replacing the ignition switch of recently manufactured cars is a bit different because the cars come with extra features such as anti-theft devices. In such a case, it would be a good idea to have the car’s user manual so as, not to be inconvenienced.

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