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Once in a while, the ignition system of a car starts to misbehave indicating the need for a repair. However, like any other mechanical breakdown, there are a few considerations to be made before taking any action. A lot of people rush to an auto locksmith for a quick repair, which is a good idea to start with as a professional will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the problem as well as possible solutions. Below are a series of signs and tests you can run to determine whether an ignition repair is in order.

Do you need your ignition repaired?

Do the dashboard lights go off when you stall? When you stall your car, do the dashboard lights go off then on again? Does the same happen to your speedometer? If in both cases the answer is yes, then your ignition system is failing. Remember, some of the problems caused by a faulty ignition system. It may resemble problems caused by other factors. And hence with the help of a professional you should be able to affirm whether the ignition of the car is causing the problem.

Overheating ignition switch

A more accurate sign for a faulty ignition is switch is when the switch starts overheating. The heat can be felt by touch on the ignition. This lets you know that the ignition problem lies in the wiring. The problem is usually a result of a terminal connected to a high resistance wire that starts to overheat. The heat may lead to the terminal melting, and this will lead to the car failing to start jerking a lot.ignition repair Seattle Washington

Coil failure due to worn out spark plugs

When spark plugs become worn out, the ignition coil tends to raise its output. This is because, when the space between the plugs is increased due to regular wear and tear, the voltage required creating a spark across that distance is increased. This means that a higher current will be required to flow through the primary circuit that can lead to an overload of current in the primary transistor.

Engine misfire

If you try to start your car with a faulty ignition coil, the car will cough and splutter vigorously. At high speed, you will notice the car wants to jerk and when you slow down the car will start vibrating. And with these signs you will need to have an ignition repair.

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