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Like every other mechanism, a car lock is bound to experience some problems. This results in jammed car doors that won’t open. Being in a position where it is difficult to open your car doors can be a frustrating ordeal. However, it would not be so if you had the know-how in car lock repair. This is especially so when you can do it by yourself right at home. In most cases, a car door lock requires repair due to three main reasons. The first is the electronic workings of the lock; the transponder is not working, or the lock mechanism is gummed up. Before jumping into the works you will require the following tools for the job: a spray on lubricant, paper towels, voltmeter, two sets of red and black wire leads with clips, small screwdriver, and a user manual for the vehicle

Repairing a stuck lock in Seattle

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A stuck door lock is usually just a matter of rusty mechanism that won’t move. Hence, use the spray on lubricant into the locks keyhole and spare for a few seconds. The auto lubricant can be purchased at any service station near you. Wipe off any dripping lubricant from the door then try the lock. Open and close the door repeatedly and also turning the key. If the lock still has an element of stiffness, apply the lubricant once more and try again.

Repairing the wiring in a car lock mechanism

Go through the vehicle’s user manual and locate where to find the wiring of the automatic door locks. Open the hood of the car and hold it in place with the hood hitch. Using the red and black wires, attach them to color code with the wiring of the door lock. This means that the red lead wire clip will be attached to the red wire of the lock and also to the red cap of the battery. Also, do the same for the black wire respectively. Then attach the voltmeter to the battery, here by completing a circuit between the voltmeter, the lock, and the battery. Write down the reading on the voltmeter then remove the lock wires from the battery and take the reading again. If the two readings are apart by two or more volts, then the wiring has a problem. You can remove the wiring from the automatic lock system and the battery.