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When faced with a car lock problem, many people shy away and call on professionals to handle the problem. However, as complicated as door locks may seem especially with the new anti-theft lock mechanism, a simple matter such as car lock key is a walk in the park. All you need is to have a little patience, follow the right procedure, and have the right tools for the job. A car lock needs a key every once in a while when you lose the keys; this is because you don’t want someone finding the lost keys and using them to gain access to your car.

Step By Step Instructions

Start by removing the door lock and the tumbler before anything else, remove the lock from the door as well as the tumbler setting. The tumblers are usually aligned in sequence of the car key that you previously used. Reset the tumblers to fit a new sequence so that the old key won’t work on the lock again. Once you set a new sequence, insert a new key blank into the tumbler and mark it where it needs to be cut.

Cutting the new key

Once the key blank has been marked with relativity to the tumbler’s new alignments, it is time to make the new key. A good tool to use would be dermal tool. This is because it comes with a cut-off wheel that is very effective in precise grooving of the key blank. However, a set of jeweler files will still do the trick, but it may take some more time and a bit more patience. Remember, when cutting the grooves, precision is a must. This is because should you cut further than the marking you made the new key may not work. 24 hour locksmith service Seattle Washington

Time to test the new key

When you’re done with the cutting, it is time to test the new key. Before commencing with the testing make sure the tumblers are in the right setting with the tumbler plug. With this confirmed, reassemble the door lock back on the car door and insert the new key. If you followed the above procedure correctly, the key should work just fine. However, if you made a slight mistake anywhere, the key will not work. At this point, you can only remove the door lock again and start all over.